Innovation is who we are.

FSCO is human-centred and connected. Our job is to bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders. That means we use data to do good. And, we’re good at it.

Businesses are more than invoices and assets—they have a unique narrative. They’re powered by people and have in-built potential.

At FSCO, we see a world where this potential is realised; a world that’s fairer, simpler and more open to new possibilities and technologies.

FSCO exists to revolutionise agribusiness. Our system goes beyond traditional funding methods by leveraging operational data and empowering lenders to make more informed decisions, we support agribusinesses to claim better access to capital than ever before.

Our founders, David Inderias and Ben Lyons bring more than 40 years of combined industry experience. Using their technology and supply chain expertise, David and Ben have transformed funding methods and unlocked trillions in capital—previously unattainable due to underperforming data.

At FSCO, we are driven to transform businesses’ capital access by changing the old industry narrative. We are backed by a senior leadership team with global and multi-industry experience as we continue creating positive change through fintech innovation.


David Inderias

Co-Founder & CEO

David has been leading advancements in agribusiness, manufacturing and supply chains for almost eight years. Always a problem solver, he started his career in medicine. Today, his passion for technology—and how it can be used to solve complex problems—inspires him to completely reimagine the agribusiness sector through fintech. Through data, David has changed the narrative of what’s possible; supporting producers to access more flexible working capital and removing the traditional limitations. He’s made it easier for producers to leverage information, drive financial outcomes and support their sustainability claims. David is a transformational change-maker at the forefront of this industry shift into the digital age.

Ben Lyons

Co-founder & Non-Executive Chair

Ben is a thought leader and a trusted voice in the agriculture and finance sectors. With more than 30 years’ experience, he’s helped FSCO revolutionise the industry through data and technology. Ben’s passion for fintech and agtech gives him an in-depth understanding of the sector at large. He holds a PhD in Ag Economics and has focused on international commodity transactions and how they can be improved. Throughout his career, Ben has worked in various agriculture industries and cultures around the world. Today, he is driven to make the terms of trade for food producers, packers and processors more proactive through FSCO technology.

Ryan Handby

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan is a highly experienced developer with an impressive track record spanning 21 years. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to numerous projects and companies, showcasing his versatility across a wide range of industries. From live streaming and e-commerce to fintech payment processing and cutting-edge technologies like deep learning for OCR, LLMs, and facial recognition, Ryan has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel in diverse technological domains.

Hamish Crittenden

Head of Research

Hamish brings over 20 years of global experience to FSCO. He is an established technology leader and highly motivated problem solver with vast cross-sector experience in finance, health, science, biosecurity, education and agriculture. An invaluable member of the FSCO Team, Hamish plays a key role in helping us build financial tools that decentralise and revolutionise supply chain financing for producers. His goal is to make finance more available, dynamic and transparent with FSCO technology.

Michael Jiang

Financial Controller

Michael brings over a decade of expertise as a qualified accountant specializing in financial planning, modelling and reporting. His professional journey is marked by a commitment to innovation and efficiency, making significant impacts in startup environments and beyond. His visionary approach is integral to driving financial excellence at FSCO.


Dale Inderias

Global Sustainability Lead

Georgina Lyons

Head of Community

Sam Cullin

Tech Lead

Liam Dempsey

Tech Lead

Rieko Ushiroyatsu

Japan Office Manager

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