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ESG Measures with FSCO ESG

Streamline ESG Measurement and Verification

FSCO are digital asset specialists allowing for meaningful and high-data governance outcomes for Government, Industry, and Financial applications. ESG digital asset types range from carbon retirement, reef credits, and other digital assets.

ESG Finance Applications

CBAM & Trade Related Offsetting

Digital Asset Treasury Management

Regulatory Solutions

High-Governance Workflows

Credentialing for Export Markets

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Tokenize and Prove ESG Measures

Measuring, reporting, and verifying Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics are critical in substantiating claims made by organisations. Through assessment of key indicators such as: carbon emissions; resource consumption; transparency/traceability; and quality assurance, a holistic understanding of the organisation’s performance can be promoted.
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Enhance Stakeholder Trust and Reputation

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Benchmark Against Peers and Regulatory Standards

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We are doing innovative work with government & government regulators, and we're privileged to debut our innovative offset-embedded trade payments work with Mastercard Multi-Token Network, live in London in August 2023.


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