Supercharge your team with AI

Meet Hiiro: Streamline and transform business operations

We focus on the automation of back and middle office processes through the digitisation of documents and data, to reach critical business events quicker. Enhance your workflow for finance, payments, compliance, trade, and approval processes, thereby boosting productivity, reducing risk and increasing worker well-being..

3 x more efficiency

Reduce human error

Benefit from workflow automation

Smart document management

66% reduction in time for task completion

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Supercharge your team

Equip your team with the information they need to reach critical business decisions quicker.
Turn menial tasks into supercharged workflows
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Process multiple documents and tasks, at once

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Transform your data with insights

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We are leveraging AI in tangible ways in our teams and organizations. At the human level, we are reducing frustration and boredom. At the organizational level, we are improving productivity and consistency.

CEO + Co-founder

David Inderias - FSCO